Trends here, trends there. Really, trends are everywhere. So, what better way to cover my own version of the top fintech and user experience trends than to highlight the already-existing ones which I found most valuable? (Kudos to the influencers who have taken the time to evaluate the market from 2014 and share their professional opinion with us.)

In any case, business has really evolved, especially the financial services industry. This excites me, because from a bigger perspective, we have witnessed some key themes surface in 2014, which are expected to gain massive momentum in 2015 – innovations that we will not be able to ignore.

New, successful financial apps have emerged, thus disrupting the industry, the business of design is quickly disappearing, more strategies of making products better are developing, and Fintech is becoming more targeted to what is today called “millennial generation.”

With that, here are 5 fintech and UX articles that give more insight on these topics.

1. Five Fintech Trends You Won’t be able to Ignore in 2015

By Deborah Hopkins, published on Wired Innovation Insights

There’s no doubt that FinTech industry became a buzz world in 2014, with tremendous attention, more investments, and more interest in new possibilities, especially for financial services. Bitcoin captured many; Apple pay was launched, Lending Club went public. These three were but an example of the many industry players that are just paving the way with others to follow in 2015. In this article, Deborah Hopkins takes a look at five big trends that she believes will make an impact on the financial industry in 2015.

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2. 7 Exciting Financial Apps Disrupting the Industry

By Michael Donohue, published on Coder Factory

With technological disruption evident in many sectors, particularly the financial industry, I found it necessary to introduce Michael Donohue’s coverage of some the top fintech apps today. From stock trading, to personal finance, to accounting, Donohue provides us with an overview of the financial apps that are gaining substantial momentum this year.

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3. The Rapidly Disappearing Business of Design

By Robert Fabricant, published on Wired

When you look at design in 2014, you can safely say that the year was quite a breakthrough in the sector. But what does this year hold for the future of design? Robert Fabricant states that this year, we are seeing more design firms exiting the design business, just as business is getting more relevant than ever. What does this mean for UX designers? Will there be digital change agents or innovation consultants? Will mass extinction and corporate takeover be evident? In this article, we get more insights on “the future of design as an independent field of practice in 2015 and beyond.”

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4. 4 Strategies for Making Your Products “Smarter”

By Kumar Srivastava, published on Entrepreneur

“’Smart’ is the dominant trend in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation,” says Kumar Srivastava, Sr. Director of Product Management at ClearStory Data. Certainly, we have seen a variety of new products that have made existing products “smarter” by simply adding intelligence in the products, connecting them to their backend, and incorporating sensors, he adds. To get ahead of the game in this competitive marketing, you must make your products smarter. But, what does this entail? Discover the four tips that Kumar shares with us to rethink our products.

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5. Millennials: How to Build A User Experience For Gen Y

By Raphael Menachem, published on UX Crunch

Unlike the past, the days of carrying paper checks or cash with you everywhere you go is completely obsolete. Look around and almost every department has consumers paying by swiping their debit cards or using pay-by-phone. Research has shown that these technologies are more targeted to millennial generation, which can perhaps be owed to the ever-rising mobile activity, not to forget the emergence of disruptive innovation that has been evident in the last couple of years. So, how can companies leverage these statistics to build a seamless user experience for the millennial generation, particularly in fintech?

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Have you read any valuable Fintech or UX articles this week that we haven’t covered? Feel free to share your top User Experience news, tips, or best practices with us via Twitter or Facebook.