A while ago, I began a discussion thread on LinkedIn, asking one simple questions:

“If you could give a fellow UX designer one UX tip, in one sentence, what would it be?”

Share the love, right?

Well, the love was certainly shared. I was pleasantly surprised to see the active engagement in the discussion. Yet, I actually wish I could keep up with the input! Needless to say, I was grateful to get some great responses from the real user experience professionals in the field.

With 2016 just around the corner, presenting new challenges deriving from technology advances in the past year, adopting these UX tips is relevant, now more than ever.

With that, let’s take a look at 35 “One-Liner” UX Tips From Real User Experience Professionals

  1. Simple is usable… – Rangarajan KS
  1. Satisfy your customer and then satisfy your client. –Vinoth M
  1. Be patient with yourself as you build your skill and knowledge base. –Darren Hood, MSIME, MSUXD
  1. Go through the journey yourself. –Ihab Emil Shoukralla
  1. You’re a defense attorney that feverishly represents the user: Research, Evidence, Presentation. –Jon Pielak
  1. Ask “why”? a lot. –Mary Shaw
  1. Understand your ecosystem before you solve. –Matthew Green
  1. Never rush into giving solution. –Mohsin Rohani
  1. Just one word “Occam’s Razor “. –Ramy Adel
  1. Keep it simple! –Adam Solley
  1. Always build the likely possibility of failure into your process. –Marc Ardizzone
  1. Find and break down the problem before we start designing solution. –Bayu Bagja Ferdian
  1. Design with purpose and question everything –Sean Scott
  1. Don’t design if it’s not required. –Chirag Rana
  1. Experience is learned … pay attention and define what needs to be learned before designing. –Chris Becker
  1. “You are not the user!” –Rotem Binheim
  1. Don’t narrow your focus to the digital world for solutions, UX has been around as long as people have been communicating and there is a world of solutions out there. –Ryan Edwards
  1. Joy is an essential ingredient for any UX recipe. –Puneet Thakar
  1. Take your time! –Richard Pigeaud
  1. Take time to create and build a “framework” to develop a shared understanding between team members and clarify expectations. –James Nutter
  1. Stakeholders may pressure you to fudge data, reports or results, but your integrity is more important than that job. –Rodney Hom
  1. Common sense is the key! –Jerome Rignanese
  1. Don’t even think of doing screens until you have a working site map! –Mick Rosolek
  1. Adopt the “All I know is I know nothing” attitude. –Claire Ledgard W.
  1. Listen your users. –Guilherme Couto
  1. Love thy users! –Yogesh B
  1. If you haven’t heard the fireworks of understanding in your head, the project is not yet done. –Free Tako
  1. Listen. Think. Then Solve. –Jason Perkowski
  1. Copying a UI pattern or behavior of the big companies because its engagement may be relative to your need is never the right approach. –Rob Baumgardner
  1. Drill down until you find some real insights – it’s not enough to just listen –
    What are the underlying issues? Always ask yourself, “So, what?” –Charles Perretti
  1. Think beyond that wireframe/prototype and create true value for your client and end users. –Jürgen Leckie
  1. The best interface is when you don’t have interface. –Max Snitser
  1. Clarify expectations and work towards a shared understanding between client and team members. –James Nutter
  1. There is no intuitive interface. All is learned. –Chris Becker
  1. Don’t just study the user, become one. –Puneet Thakar