Algomi’s Honeycomb demonstrates the impact experience design can have on Fintech

London (5th Sept.) – Fathom London, a user experience design agency for Fintech and Capital Markets, and Algomi, the network company providing information-matching solutions for the optimization of fixed income liquidity, have seen market leading growth, in customers, revenue and value in their first four years.

Fathom London have worked with Algomi since their inception, providing world class design thinking and interface design. From initial product launch, through to today’s comprehensive Honeycomb suite, Fathom London has been instrumental in establishing genuine innovation within Algomi’s software. Through a successful collaboration with Algomi, both companies revere the software created as examples of an innovative, experience-led product.

The Algomi Honeycomb-suite provides portfolio managers, execution desks and compliance teams with a distinctive honeycomb-like interface; that displays simply and intuitively the potential trading connections and associated content to the trader. It turns complex trading data into actionable knowledge. The compelling design includes gamification, showing a glimpse of who else is competing, and, with an element of social competition, it improves trader performance. Contextual messaging means that communication surrounding a specific trade are more focused, improving the speed and consumption of communication and information.

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Expanding on Algomi’s vision for bond market liquidity, Fathom London helped to define and evolve the thinking behind the product proposition of the software suite. By offering unique and original experiences, Algomi has stood out against the competition and have developed the Honeycomb network that today incorporates 190 buy side clients and 15 banks. Algomi’s resulting growth has illustrated the impact a collaborative user experience design can have on Fintech adoption.

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“Algomi’s vision with Honeycomb was grand and to compliment that, we wanted to create a truly unique and compelling experience; both to engage users and differentiate their brand. We’re proud to have been involved with Algomi since their inception and watch them go from strength to strength.” – Ant Ludlow, Co-Founder of Fathom London

Through client projects such as Honeycomb, Fathom London has gained a reputation for innovative design within fintech and capital markets and has grown from a team of 3 to over 30 designers, user experience specialists and HTML5 developers. They have experienced significant growth driven by increased awareness of the importance of user experience design; together with a drive to migrate applications to HTML5 from legacy technologies.

About Fathom London and Algomi

Fathom London are a user experience agency who build beautiful, innovative products for the financial industry. They build front-end software products, for complex data applications including trading, risk and compliance – and turn these into engaging user-centric interfaces which solve data problems.

Found in 2013 by Ant Ludlow, Stu Jackson and Grant Venter, Fathom London has grown quickly but selectively, into a vibrant team — all passionate about the quality, and clarity of experience in the digital products they create. Their philosophy has been the foundation for growth and an ever-increasing client portfolio, including institutions such as Goldman Sachs,Deutsche Bank,and Commerzbank,as well as platform providers, Tradeweb and EBS.

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Algomi creates the bond information network that enables all market participants to securely and intelligently harness data to make valuable financial trading connections. In the ever-changing landscape of capital, leverage and liquidity requirements, Algomi’s revolutionary technology empowers fixed income professionals to fulfill their precise needs, for both sides of the market.

Algomi was founded in 2012 by Stu Taylor (Former Global Head of Matched Principal Trading and creator of PIN-FI at UBS), Usman Khan and Robert Howes (Founders of CAPXD), and Michael Schmidt (Former Head of European Credit Trading and IB Board Member at UBS. Backed by investment from Lakestar and an exceptional panel of Strategic Advisors, the Algomi team has grown to 120 employees with offices in London, New York and Hong Kong.

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