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UX Crunch welcomes content contributions from experts in the field of user experience, user research, user interface design and the like.

Our mission is to provide a source of useful information and insights on today’s best practices in UX Strategy, UI Design, Usability and User Research Methodology.

Although our focus is primarily on user experience best practices in the financial technology (fintech) industry, we welcome our contributors to provide useful information on general UX topics. Inputs on all matters revolving around user experience are of interest to our UX readership and to us.

How long should your blog/article be?

Approximate length of pieces: A minimum of about 700 words to about a maximum 1500 words. Please offer maximum value to the reader.

Please Do:
• Teach readers something new and interesting
• Make a compelling argument
• Use examples, case studies, research and evidence to support your claims

Please Don’t:
• Promote your company or technology
• Consider your article as a piece of advertisement
• Drop links to commercial web sites
• Discuss “off-subject” topics

Submission Requirements

Here are some requirements needed to make the most out of the collaboration:

1. Your article: Please submit Microsoft Word files by email to [email protected]. Avoid complex formatting of the article.

2. Featured image: Each submission needs to contain one accompanying photo which will be used as the featured image. The dimension for this photo must be at least 1900px wide.

3. Additional images: We do not require additional images, but it is recommended. Charts, graphs and images should be submitted as separate attachments. If you are accompanying additional images, please send large versions (minimum 800px wide), with your full rights to the images you send. Any cropping and re-sizing will be done by our team.

4. Your biography: A short biography with 1 link to be shown in the author bio underneath your article. Please note that this needs to be a natural link where our readers can find more information about you or your company. Links that violate Google’s link guidelines are not accepted.

5. Gravatar-enabled e-mail address: This is so your photograph appears in the author bio. Head over to Gravatar to register it if you don’t have one.

Our lead time for acceptance of content is up to a business week before publication.

What will you get in return?

1. Exposure on a very targeted user experience design blog with great and growing reputation. We attract over 5,000 user experience and fintech professionals each month and the number is drastically growing.

2. Social media promotion via UX Crunch’s Twitter, Facebook, Google+ pages, and targeted LinkedIn groups.

3. Author recognition – Your name, biography and photo appear underneath your article

4. A continued relationship with the UX Crunch team and potential network connections.

5. A virtual hug.

Editing and copyrights

Your content could be subject to our team’s editing, to be arranged according to the questions mentioned above. You own the copyright to the article, but we ask your permission to reprint it and use it, on a nonexclusive basis, on the website.

You are writing for UX professionals who face many of the same problems you do. Write something that will help them; that will make them think and, ultimately, succeed.


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